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Springlicious on Queen Street, Niagara Falls

Frequently Asked Questions


The 2019 Springlicious Team and Celebrate Old Downtown Community Corporation would like to provide you and your organization an opportunity  your commitment to co 

Dog Policy

Only dogs are allowed – no other pets will be allowed on festival grounds. Only one dog per owner will be allowed.

Make sure your dog is friendly – if you have any reason to believe that your pet may be aggressive or difficult to control, please do not bring them

Owners must have their dogs on a leash (not to exceed four (4) feet) and dogs must have ID tags on their collars.

When you bring your dog to Springlicious, you accept liability for injury or property damage caused by your dog and you will be responsible for all cost of repairs, fines or levies.

Springlicious, Celebrate Old Downtown and the Downtown BIA maintain no liability for any actions of the dog or its owners.

Sorry, but we’ll have to ask you to remove your dog from the grounds if they becomes a nuisance. Being a nuisance includes continually barking (for a single time or multiple short intervals) or disturbing festival goers in any manner. This will be strenuously enforced. 

Keep supplies handy and clean up after your dog. It’s good manners. You wouldn’t want to ruin someone else’s good time. Dog owners must report any accidents immediately.

Bike Policy

We encourage active transportation to and from the festival. Cyclists are expected to follow cycle safety rules of the road. Bike racks will be available for cyclist to park their bikes. Locks are not provided. Cyclist will be asked to dismount their bike and walk it through the festival.  

Alcoholic Beverage Policy

Outside alcoholic beverages are permitted. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted outside of licenced establishments. Queen Street is NOT licences and no alcoholic beverages are to be consumed on the street. Alcoholic beverages consumed on the street will be confiscated by security/event staff and disposed of. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in removal from the festival.

First Aid Station Location

St. John’s Ambulance will be onsite providing First Aid. They are located on the north side of the Queen and St. Clair intersection. Emergency situations should be reported to security or event staff immediately. In the event of emergency services being dispatched the south lane of Queen Street will be cleared for emergency service vehicle access.



Safety Standards

Magical Midways requires all ride foremen to fill out a daily logbook for each Ride before opening each day.

If any problems arise, they are to report to Management immediately.

All Ride personnel; including the foreman from each Ride, are given a training session on how the Ride operates and what areas need constant monitoring so that no safety related problems should arise.

Magical Midways carries ample mats or electrical covers for our Midway. It is our policy too lay out all electrical cables and water hoses in such a way that there is a bare minimum of these items running over the Midway grounds.

We also receive regular updates and bulletins from Ride manufacturers informing us of any modifications or safety related concerns. When we receive an update, we act on them right away or in most cases we have already implemented the changes. These daily logbooks must be, and are made available at any time, to any Professional Ride Inspectors.

Springlicious 2018

Springlicious 2018